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    Essay structuring big berto

    Just wondering how people structure these essays, as i do an intro , 4 paragraphs and a conclusion. the intro and conclusion are 6 marks each and each paragraph is 12 marks each.

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      I would do 8 paragraphs - intro, 6 main paragraphs, and then the conclusion

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      So leaving cert...

      its easier to get marks if you split up the 12 markers

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      10 paragraphs is best. An intro and conclusion included with 8 paragraphs answering the question. Your score for every paragraph is added up and put out of 60 so if you do 10 good paragraphs your'e essentially guaranteed to get 60. Link every paragraph to the question that is asked as well. Your overall mark is out of 40 and if you answer the question asked then you will score well out of 40 as well.

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