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    Extra subject michellemcc98

    is it possible to take on history for one year? I really enjoyed it for junior cert and got an A, it wasn't offered in our school for my year but I would be able to take it on this year. could I still get a high grade if I studied over the summer ahead of next year? :)

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      No this is a subject you can't do yourself as there is a project in which a teacher must sign off on

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      you could easily do the subject yourself and get a high grade but yeah the project would be a problem

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      I think you could, there is 9 case studies for the long questions and with good notes and study methods that's very manageable and maybe for the project you could borrow a friends or cousins project for inspiration? That'd be very helpful lol

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      You could ring up a nearby school and ask them if the history teacher would sign off your project for you .. Some schools are very accommodating, and will do it no bother, just explain your situation to them! Good luck

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