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Higher History predictions?

Any idea what 3 essays are going to come up in higher level history for leaving cert?

CaolanH — 13/05/16
If i could only study 3 essays....i would choose 1)Anglo Irish Treaty 2)Welfare State 3)Race reations .....But you should really study at least 3 essays per topic
Ammurphy — 13/05/16
Do you think race relations will be on it? Im hoping for President Johnson and Vietnam
Katieee0317 — 15/05/16
everyone has predicted race relations! i think there has been mentions of foreign policy regards nixon!
Bengee — 15/05/16
for irish history, just study the economy, anglo irish relations and the economy under cumann na gaedheal and fianna fail, it always comes up
Bengee — 15/05/16
sorry and consolidating democracy
Ammurphy — 16/05/16
and apprentice boys and coleraine for NI?
CaolanH — 16/05/16
Yes I'm nearly certain apprentice boys and coleraine will come up is well.
Kian — 20/05/16
My uncle works with the education department for History, and he saw the paper a week ago, I asked him for tips and he said for Ireland its 'Influence of the Late Late Show and/or Gerry Ryan on Irish culture 1960-1980'
Sarah_7402 — 20/05/16
Gonna be Anglo-Irish, Dev, Coleraine (hasnt come since 2012!!!) and Vietnam, hopefully. Im hoping E.Cngress but I dont think it will :'(
Kian — 21/05/16
How do you mean 'dev'? His forgien policy, economy? And Anglo-irish what? Treaty? Relations?
Lsmyth — 24/05/16
Gerry Ryan???
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