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History Predictions 2016

Can someone, anyone offer a few predictions for History on topic 2, topic 3 and US history ?

gazza_1993 — 11/06/16
1) Vietnam/Johnston 2) 1916 Rising 3) Culture My teacher is pretty good with predictions.
xBananacerealx — 12/06/16
What about Ireland topic 6
Ailish_8570 — 12/06/16
What about the culture? Like suffragette/gaa ?
Jay-98 — 12/06/16
Topic 2- strike and lockout, gaa/Gaelic league Topic 3- anglo Irish relations, Anglo Irish treaty, impact of partition 1912-1922
Gavin1345 — 12/06/16
What about Land acts butt and Parnell for topic 2
chelsjoycee — 12/06/16
Gaa is in topic 1
Ronan_ocall — 12/06/16
Lockout , conduct ww1, Pearse and 1916
Ailish_8570 — 12/06/16
I'm avoiding butt Parnell and any land acts etc I think I'll do suffragettes, strike and lockout, Anglo Irish treaty and negotiations, Vietnam for US do Ye think I'll be covered with that?
Jamie004 — 12/06/16
A general Race Relations essay or Religion in America essay would also be good to learn.
Seán_3027 — 12/06/16
Anyone have predictions for northern Ireland?
Sarah_7402 — 12/06/16
for northern ireland coleraine HAS to come up i mean cmon it hasnt come up since 2012 i think. that and apprentice boys hopefuly
Seán_3027 — 12/06/16
Ninicarty1997 — 15/06/16
A key personality for America is due to come up as it has been 5 years since one has come up I.e Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe, Norman Mailer, etc.
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