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    History Project 2017 Arsenal012

    I've decided to repeat the leaving cert and I'm wondering would I be able to use the same project as last year as it was very good and I still have a copy at home what did you think?

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      yeah you will :)

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      You're not supposed to

      Examination requirements for Repeat Leaving Certificate History Candidates

      Candidates repeating the Leaving Certificate History examination in 2017 will be required to both sit the written

      examination and submit an RSR. The RSR must explore new material and must not have been submitted for examination


      It's easy to do well on the topic most candidates get an A1 you could knock one out quickly if you put your mind to it

      if i was your teacher i would strongly advise you to do a new one

      good luck

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      You must do a new project, sorry.

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      Thanks very much

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