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    How to prepare for the actual leaving cert for history? John smith234

    With each exam we are usually given a hint so we know roughly where to study but for the actual june exam how can you possibly ready yourself for the unknown? in the mocks the timing was actually ok because i had planned essays so there was no delay in writing but for june theres too much, For example for america at mocks i just needed to know johnson but fo june will i need to know all presidents essentially? im looking to see is there any definites on the exam every year

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      The only prediction I've made is US economy. It's an even year so that usually comes up

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      anything else

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      I'm studying the key personalities, the case studies and one other essay for each topic. That way you should be pretty much covered.

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      I do leaving cert history and I would advise to do Johnson and us economy .. for the irish history Parnell and the strike and lockout are quite re occurring.. This year the obvious one I would learn is the 1916 rising.. maybe the key personalities associated with it.

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      1916 is very popular at the moment it might come up

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      anything specific predictions on the Irish history?

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      For Irish history 1916 should come up but it'll be a hard question. It could be causes and consequences or it could also include Padraig Pearse aswell. The safest bet is to know 1912-1922/1923 with emphasis on 1916.

      Northern Ireland usually has case studies and/or key personalities. Knowing political attempts to solve the Troubles or the essay on culture would also be good.

      For America case studies and one or two out of foreign policy, race relations, economy.

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