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How to study history essays ?? (Nation states and international tensions or any other topic)
*L.A* Leaving Cert History Later Modern — 29/05/16 4

Hey! I was just wondering how do you study History essays ? Do you just learn off the facts or do you learn a whole essay off by heart? There's just so much information ;( How do people do well in History? Please help !!!!!!!

Tsunn — 27/05/16
Study it and then test yourself using your own words
oxter — 27/05/16
I'd recommend knowing all the main key points of each topic. For example if it's Bismarck, know his domestic policies and foreign policies really well. Then you will be able to manipulate your answer for any essay question, rather than just learning off an essay that might be completely different to what is being asked. So i'd definitely say to learn all the facts off, and then just keep re-reading all your essays you've done and online sample essays. This will keep your memory jogged and help you remember it better!
*L.A* — 27/05/16
thanks @Tsunn Thank you @oxter very much for the advice ! Great points ! better start studying it then haha
evelyndajlani — 29/05/16
write them in bullet points
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