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Last minute history predictions?? (HL)

I've The Apprentice Boys, Vietnam and Cultural Identity in Ireland done out, any other tips?

Petra_4483 — 14/06/16
Mohammad_1886 — 14/06/16
dictatorship and democracy for document questions
emilygg30 — 14/06/16
Do you think it'll be causes and consequences of 1916?? And yeah I'm hoping Stalin or the Jarrow March will come up, what are you predicting?
rnolan11 — 14/06/16
Hoping for 1916 myself. I don't think they'll make it as easy as causes and consequences, maybe more general such as ''Threat of violence from 1913 so on. Apprentice boys and Coleraine. WW2 North and South. Fianna Fail/ De Valera foreign policy. Johnson and Vietname/ Foreigh Policy 1945-89 OR Foreign Policy 45-69 Or Foreign Policy 73-89. Johnson and Truman Moonlanding. These are my preps anyway.
emilygg30 — 14/06/16
Perfect! Thank you so much!! What are you predicting for the document question??
rnolan11 — 14/06/16
Not too sure it's hard to guess so I just have a general overview of each one. Hopefully Jarrow or Show Trials I'm not as adept with Nazi Propaganda.
emilygg30 — 14/06/16
Yeah I really hope it's Stalin or Jarrow too!
rnolan11 — 14/06/16
What grade you hoping to get?
emilygg30 — 14/06/16
I wanted a C3 ages ago, but at this stage I really just hope I pass�� Wbu?
rnolan11 — 14/06/16
I got a C3 in the mocks but right now need a B3 at least!
emilygg30 — 14/06/16
I failed my mocks, so all I want is to pass, I find it so so difficult! Best of luck dude☺️
rnolan11 — 14/06/16
Goodluck :)
Asterix1obelix — 14/06/16
I don't think 1916 will show up. It's too obvious, they did not bring up yeats in the english exam who wrote easter 1916 why should they put up 1916 rising?
Katieee0317 — 14/06/16
Economy for America has come up every two years, didn't last year! And also racial conflict and Martin luther! Coleraine ! And I feel like the treaty will come up!
Seanhennessy98 — 14/06/16
Bismarck or Wilhem II are always two safe bets for anyone that did them!!
emilygg30 — 14/06/16
Do yous think I should learn another essay for NI? All I know is the Apprentice Boys����
Katieee0317 — 14/06/16
Yes learn coleraine I think because AB mightnt come up or come up with like ecumenism and Ian Paisley!
rnolan11 — 14/06/16
more often than not when AP come up they're in a and/or question with Coleraine
Lelya — 14/06/16
Welfare state for nï? Hoping that comes up what do you guys think? Usually comes up in some shape or form
Chloe_8923 — 15/06/16
Seriously hoping for welfare state in NI, it's usually there is some way.. Opinion on the 1913 lockout? Do we reckon it'll make an appearance?
jackfitzpatrick18 — 15/06/16
Anyone else absolutely despise history??
Lelya — 15/06/16
Yep taking history is biggest regret of my life hahah just want 40% tbh
Asterix1obelix — 15/06/16
Let's just be happy when it's over...
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