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Not sure what to do

I'm going into 5th year and I picked history as one of my subjects options but I've been told it's hard to get go grades, I really enjoy history but I feel i won't get good grades and I need to get good grades for the course I want to study in college, I'm thinking of change history for music because it easier to get good points. But I'm not sure. The points I need for the cours I want to do is 535

E.Devitt — 31/08/16
I do history and am going into sixth year. I'd recommend it if you enjoy it because that will make life easier for you. As for marks etc. its not too difficult because its not overly technical. However you have to write very fast in the exam and there can be a fair bit of work to go with it beacause you write a lot of essays. If you have an interest in the subject and have an aptitude for english it shouldnt be too difficult for you but you will have to learn to write fast. The writing is the hardest thing for me in the subject anyway.
hipatia — 09/09/16
If you think that music is going to be an easier subject, you are wrong. Music is truly enjoyable if you are passionate about it. However, there are several elements you have to deal with, such as the practical, Irish music, harmony and composition exercises and the set Works. History is more straightforward, and if you structure your notes well and practice essay writing you'll probably get a very good grade.
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