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    Predictions for Division and Realignment or Dictatorship and Democracy? Jamie004

    Our teacher mainly focuses on Ireland/Northern Ireland so has anyone got any good predictions for essays to study in these two? Thanks :)

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      Dictatorship and Democracy? That is the case studies question this year, there won't be any long essays on those topics...? Just the documents based questions...?

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      Seriously? We were never told that. We were told to study NI case studies. Division and Realignment will have long essays though, right?

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      Yep it should have.

      Did your mock exam not have Dictatorship and Democracy as the documents based question too?

      You were probably told to study the case studies in the other sections, as they often come up as long essay questions.

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      It did, but we studied them near the start of last year and haven't went over them which is why I thought the document question would be about NI case studies, since that's what we've been studying all this year.

      Do you think studying just Origins of the Cold War, Gorbachev, Main crisis of the Cold War, Sovietisation of Eastern Europe and Hungarian Uprising would be enough for Division and Realignment?

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      Sorry I don't do that topic. I do the USA section instead. I cannot help you here. Sorry.

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