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    Project Word Limit Muireann_r

    Does anyone know if its really bad if you go above the 1500 word limit for the project? My whole class are all above it and we are a bit worried. We are at approximately 3000 words lol

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      You could go above the limit by about 10 words...not DOUBLE the word limit.

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      The marker will be incredibly annoyed if he/she has to read multiple 3000 word essays.2000 would be the maximum in my opinion

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      Oh god okay! Thanks guys

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      Keep it max at 1600 I think

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      Hi there. You will need to do a bit of editing to get down to 1,500 words approx. Is your Review separate from the main body, it is also in the main word count.

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      Hi there. You need to do some serious editing to get down to 1,500 words approx. Your Review is part of your word count but keep it separate from the main body.

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