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    Question about the Research Report MelissaAM26

    I'm doing history on my own and it can be stressful because I don't know what's expected of me especially, in relation to the research report, so if someone could answer a few questions I have I would be really grateful.

    Does the project have to be to do with Irish history? And does it have to be from the later modern era? I have sort of done my extended essay on the contribution of rumour to Richard III's fall from power but I don't know if it's okay to do a project like that. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!

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      No your project does not have to be from Irish history or modern history but you do have to be able to prove that it has historical significance. Your project should be fine.

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      Thank you so so so much! One last question: how long should each aim be in the extended essay? I know it's a stupid question but the word limit is different everywhere I look and I think mine might be a bit long. Thanks again :)

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      1500 words is the max, you can go above if you must (HL) but not too much

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      Thanks a million, that helps a lot!

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