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Sovereignty & the impact of partition predictions? :/

Hey guys so for history I do Ireland 1870-1914, so basically the Parnell area and a bit afterwards, international states so bismark Willhem etc but my real problem is Sovereignty & the impact of partition! i find it so much harder to predict and i'm not particularly keen on doing the 1916 causes and consequences if it comes up so i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for this section? i love history and really want to do well! any advice for documents would also be greatly appreciated -__-

Thk123 — 29/05/16
The Treaty
dan1223 — 29/05/16
the treaty, civil war, what are you predicting for 1870-1914?
halfaglassfull — 29/05/16
Thanks! Im not sure if I'll do the civil war tbh I think I might concentrate on cumann na gaedhael forward.. @dan1223 for ireland it has to be either Jim Larkin and the lockout, the unionists, parnell and home rule or land reforms.. One of them pops up every year :-)
Elaine_5777 — 29/05/16
Anglo-Irish Relations and the North and South during World War II
Eilish1234 — 29/05/16
Eucharistic congress ,World war 2 North and South or maybe the Treaty... What are ye predicting for American history?
Patrick_7174 — 29/05/16
American History will be something to do with the Presidents ( elections this year ), Vietnam/Johnson Foreign Policy and Race Relations ( recent issues in Europe ) and then something to do with a key personality or culture
Darce_Knight69 — 29/05/16
Treaty controversies, Consolidation of democracy (CnaG + FF) and cultural identity atleast one of them has to come up
halfaglassfull — 29/05/16
Thanks! The only prob is we haven't done the Eucharistic congress which is fine but also the North during ww2 so does anyone have any main points I could just throw in to balance it out?
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