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    Streesed already Kasi1999

    I honestly don't understand why teachers have to make such a big deal and scare you to death before you've even started a subject. I was already scared knowing I was doing history now I'm terrified that I might fail.

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      If you are truly interested in history you have high probabilities of passing with a high grade. I did my Leaving Cert this year and got an A1 in this subject. It doesn't depend either on the quantity of hours you study but in thequality of your revision (I couldn't dedícate much time to it). Try being very brief in your notes and a list of the essential terms (e.g. propaganda) Dedicate a lot of effort on the Project as well.And just try to think of each topic as a story. And then, try to connect other activities to it, eg watching a film about a time period you are studying.

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      would you have any good notes hipatia ?

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      On the following books which I did:

      1. Dictatorship and Democracy (3 case studies)

      2. The United States and the World

      3. Movements for Political and Social reform.

      4. The pursuit of sovereignty and the impact of partition.

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