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    Terrified Lelya

    Hi guys, struggle so much with history and simply want a pass in HL! Would it be too risky if I went in tomorrow with all 3 docs learnt well (show trials ect), Eucharistic congress, consolidation of democracy for Ireland, welfare state, colraine and apprentice boys for ni and race relations and economy for the us??

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      dont bother with the docs you can get 60/100 for that section without ever really looking at those books the essays are worth so much more, 100 marks each, spend your time learning another topic for each book itll serve you better in the exam.

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      If you've done a decent project, and have a good knowledge of the docs then you've got a really good start. I'd say you're well covered for NI, and for US I'd say you're ok too, but maybe look at Johnson and Vietnam? I don't do your other section, but you seem to be very safe if you just want to pass!

      Good luck :)

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      you're not safe for that Irish section consolidation and Eucharistic could both not come up, I would look over dev and cosgrave or maybe the treaty!!

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      Thanks for the help guys! Hope it went well for you! Was the first question in the Northern Ireland topic the welfare state? A lot of us came out of the exam unsure if we had answered correctly

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      Depends on how you swung it I supposed ! It defo wasn't just talking about welfare state but if you managed to like fit it to it and maybe mention how the government neglected to allocate the houses fairly and like how they let the terrorism get out of hand? I would ask your teacher tbh, our welfare essay defo wouldn't have fit !

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      It was Brookeborough and O'Neill in government. The welfare state was implemented during Brooke's time in power though so what you wrote should have been relevant.

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