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    What were the significant developments in U.S. foreign policy 45 to 72? Sineaddu

    can you please give me a few points to consider for paragraphs?

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      Mc Dyer

      The Domino theory; The cold war- Vietnam; Korea; Cuba; Berlin Blockade; Globalisation and America's role as peacekeeper

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      any way you could extend on what you mean about globalisation and America's role as a peacekeeper? Got my summer test next week and haven't started studying US history. Need to plan lots of essays in hope one will come up. PLEASE

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      You need to talk about Truman dropping the atomic bomb, the american's move from isolationism (letting Europe do its own thing) to interventionism (they started taking responsibility for issues in Europe) due to their worries about Stalin and 'the iron curtain', the Berlin blockade, china's fall to communism and then the US in Korea, and Cuba.

      Basically you're constantly referring to America's fear of the USSR and how this effected their foreign policy and caused them to get involved in things that really didn't concern them simply because they were worried about the 'Domino Theory', and that lay the framework for their foreign policy during this period

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