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    Best way to study Home Economics? siobhan.reynolds.16

    Hi, does anyone have any tips on how to study for Home Ec? I find that there is so much content and none of it is sticking in my head!

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      exam paper work is the best. write out the notes and record yourself reading them then listen to them back. Really beneficial even though you feel like a gack :L

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      Thanks a mill, I'll give it a go :D

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      worth a try :)

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      Yes it is worth a try.

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      Hi siobhan.reynolds.16!

      Try to study topics that are linked, e.g. dairy products, calcium and osteoporosis. The chapters support each other.

      Then try exam questions on that topic - without the book or your notes! Correct your work - what did you get right? Wrong? Leave out? Fill in missing parts and highlight. Read over and then file it. In a few days time, review your answer sheet, then redo the question. Correct again and compare. Did you improve?

      Review, review, review!

      Home Ec. is fantastic because of how relevant it is to everyday life. Link what you are learning to your everyday life, what you see around you, e.g. ad on the side of the bus for slim milk? Run through a few related facts:

      - has fat removed

      - good for slimmers

      - lacks the fat soluble vitamins

      - ad says has added vitamins and minerals - word for this is fortified.

      - pack says pasteurised and homogenised - define quickly in your head

      I'm talking a few seconds, flashing through your head. Miss something? Get stuck? Put a reminder on your phone to look it up. Next time you see the ad, run through the process again.

      Same for ads about mortgages, savings, etc.

      Review, review, review!

      Good luck!

      Twitter: @msquinn_homeec

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      Hi siobhan.reynolds.16

      This Home Economics Easter Revision course might help you out, venues at Dublin, Sligo, Athlone and Galway

      Good Luck

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