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'Added Value' Food

Can anyone tell me where I could find this in this in the book. Part (b) of Q2 2009 is: Write a profile of an 'added value' foodyou have studied. Give details on each of the following: Stages of production, Packaging, labelling.... But I cant find anything in the book!! Please help if you know, thanks.

JackW — 07/05/16
What Book?
Grainne_9221 — 07/05/16
Living Today!
JackW — 07/05/16
Then i am no help
anonymous1234 — 08/05/16
An added value food can be flour, so you will talk about the milling of flour on page 131/132 of Living Today!.
Grainne_9221 — 09/05/16
Thanks so much!
Rebeccamcdermott — 18/05/16
Added Value Food - a food that is more economically valuable as an end product than as a raw material, a better example would be milk->cheese because cheese compared to milk is more expensive than flour compared to wheat ��
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