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I have seen people saying that carbs are coming up however they were a focus in the journal and always come up? Confused are they coming up or not?

Shauna_3688 — 06/06/16
Im the exact same..I thought it was going to come up but then when i realised it was in the journal i didnt think it would be as likely, im thinking maybe lipids will come up or the vitamins
taia.gordei — 06/06/16
I'm counting on carbohydrates to come up, they're not that bad, i'd suggets studying both carbohydrates and lipids! :) P.s. people are also saying B group vitamins, and also some people are saying that folate/folic acid is going to be linked in with iron and pregnancy, but i'm not entirely sure :) good luck :)
Emma_6253 — 07/06/16
my teacher predicts either iron, vitamins, carbohydrates for Q1
Kayleigh_8510 — 07/06/16
Thanks! Ugh so much to do still :/ good luck everyone!!
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