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    Home Ec Food Assignment Journal Investigation Length StudyMad99


    In my practice journal I had two full investigation pages and extra a4 page but in the proper one after writing it in more neatly and now only have one page and a half and I honestly don't think I could add more without waffling or straying from the assignment. Will I lose marks or does quality over quantity apply here? I am really panicking I will lose marks.

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      Stephanie K

      To be honest I didn't leave one single line empty, I put in as much as possible! I would if I was u just waffle onto full up the space-but I say if u have that much space u must be after missing out on a point or two! It should be handed up already no and posted?? Best of luck

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      I'm in 5th year so plenty of time! I covered everything I was meant to. Maybe my wiritng is just tiny!

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      Stephanie K

      Very good! Thought the assignments weren't out yet

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