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Home Economics Help Needed!
jozx7r Leaving Cert Home Economics S & S — 07/06/16 3

I seen that a household appliance and that additives is predicted to come up .. Does anyone have good notes for the working principle of the refrigerator and also, good notes on the contaminants on the additive section? Sorry that's hassle, those two aren't done very well in my book and I'm worried since they're predicted to come up!

Shauna_3688 — 06/06/16
https://sites.google.com/site/homeeconomicsnotessite/leaving-certificate-resources https://manorhousehomeeconomics.wordpress.com/category/leaving-certificate-notes/ http://www.studynotes.ie/flashcards/additives-food-leaving-cert-home-economics/ Hopefully these help you!
jozx7r — 06/06/16
Thanks a million!
jackm1997 — 07/06/16
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