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    How did you find the O.L paper Emma17

    ok so i found the paper to be so easy what about anybody else

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      Yeah I have to say it wasn't too bad :) I didn't really like the short questions though :( and Lipids came up :(

      But the consumer Question and Vegetarian was nice :) and of course the Elective was easy what did you think? :)

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      Really good the elective was easy and the short questions were handy. I wasn't expecting lipids and didn't study it but other than that delighted

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      Short questions got me

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      I thought it was heavenly🙏🏼 SQS and elective was handy

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      Do u remember the question about the 1996 protection act of young people in the work force. Yesterday i was looking in my revise wise and that act wasn't even on the ordinary level course. Thank god i knew it already. What about anybody else. ( the exam papers so far are the examination website )

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      Yeah i put down something for it not sure how right it is though

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      SAQ were kinda difficult for me, very happy with vegetarianism and the elective, you know the 1996 protection act q, was that about people not staying after 11,working 8/9 hours a day etc? or am i wrong?

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