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    How To Answer Long Questions Noel_5165

    In my mock exam i got 25%. My short questions were quite well answered but I fell dramaticly in all the long questions. What is the best way around answering them?? (e.g ,Part B's ,Elective 3)

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      Put everything in bullet points, and just write every bit of information you can think of on the topic. Read the questions properly and make sure what you're saying relates back to the question, but pay close attention to time. Don't get bogged down on one question!

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      Divide the marks by five as a rule of thumb. If it's 20 marks - that's five points etc. Another thing I do is I use the format for answering business q's. (State, Explain, Example OR State,Explain,Explain in each point.) Hope this made sense. Good luck!

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      Thanks folks. I will try to keep with the higher level and ya i got my mock back i answered a few questions wrong if i put in the effort i should pass. :)

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