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    I need help on this question please... jamielovesmusic123

    Give an account of the procedure to follow when preserving a fruit?

    I find this hard...

    Thanks for the help in advance! :)

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      For bio? Put in a sugary solution because bacteria can't live there. Becomes dehydrated through osmosis.

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      Or by using salt!!

      Jam is preserved in this way (using sugar) .. And osmosis occurs as the bacteria's cells try to dilute the sugar substance around it for favorable conditions

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      Thanks for the help guys :) Figured it out , No it's for home-ec surprisingly :)

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      You can preserve fruit by making jam.

      The underlying principle:

      1. Fruit is exposed to high temperatures to soften it and to kill micro-organisms.

      2. Sugar is added as this inhibs the growth of microbes by surrounding the cell with concentrated solution that draws water out by osmosis

      3. Pectin is necessary for jam to set. Fruits with a high pectin are gooseberrries, oranges, lemons, apples, blackcurrants.

      Fruits with a low pectin are strawberries, pears, late blackberries, rhubarb.

      However if two fruits are mixed together one with a low pectin and one with a high pectin then it should form a well set jam eg. Apple and Rhubarb, Blackberry and Apple.

      Hope this helps:-)

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      Check your book for some notes on Jam making, this is the main way to preserve fruit. Also could choose freezing. Mention that some fruits are not suitable for freezing and discuss freezing berries on a tray and then after put in the fast freeze section, put in a bag, to prevent them becoming mushed when defrosted, but I would recommend jam making for fruit!

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