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    learning ladevine98

    Home ec is very hard for me to learn with the detail needed and the amount of information needed to learn for the leaving cert obviously I can learn with exam papers but I personally learn from notes and am wondering what's the best way to condense the information in a note taking form also how good is the revision books e.g less stress more success I'm considering buying one and am wondering how good it is

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      Stephanie K

      I personally think that the revision books for Home ec is pretty much the text book wrote out again. My opinion! Would not get less stress have it its no good. I would recommend rapid revision if you wanted a revision book, you can buy it online 😀 Best of luck!!

      For writing short notes, put key points on flash cards or sticky notes and if you don't know the answer to the point look it up learn it write it out, repeat this every day and eventually you will be sick of looking it up that you will remember the answer

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      thank you very much how much does rapid revision cost?

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      Stephanie K

      it's no more that 10 euro i thinl. Also i think that you can only but it online.

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      thank you very much I appreciate it!

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