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Long Question Predictions
J1234 Leaving Cert Home Economics S & S — 07/06/16 6

Predictions for Long Questions? Help Is Much Appreciated!

timmy_x — 07/06/16
Cereals, carbonhydrates and vit b..??
jennifer98 — 07/06/16
Based on the 2 pre papers - Vit C, Fe or Carbs coeliac Food Additives Q4 - consumer studies Q5 - the family & family law Elective 3 - poverty, social care, work or possibly educatio
Chloe_4928 — 07/06/16
Is this higher level?
Kearamcdonagh — 07/06/16
jennifer98 — 07/06/16
J1234 — 07/06/16
Thank you so much Jennifer, Timmy & Keara! & yes this is HL Chloe! Sorry, forgot to include that. What do ye think about the Irish Diet & The Irish Food Industry?
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