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Predictions in HL 2016
by Noel_5165 Leaving Cert Home Economics S & S — 02/06/16 8

what is more likely to come up in the long questions for home ec?? thanks :)

Reoin — 24/05/16
siobhan.reynolds.16 — 24/05/16
Fridge, consumer studies, carbs/lipids, fish, additives
Sarahrodgers98 — 28/05/16
there is always a question on the family
O'Regan97 — 28/05/16
poverty! So my teacher predicted!
Sarah_7402 — 28/05/16
CEREALS!! Its never come up before!!
Lisa_mooo — 31/05/16
Novel proteins + environment
nadine98 — 31/05/16
Vitamin b and c I got that from the institute along with cereals dairy and fruit and veg and poverty in elective 3
laurengal — 02/06/16
Social studies always comes up, gender roles and all that and its usually an alright question so if you knew that well it'd be a good one to answer, heating systems, fish, housing provison, and factors which influence housing style
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