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    Revision book recommendations studydate

    hey im a 6th year student prepring to sit my leaving cert i am really struggling with home-ec content wise. Does anyone have good notes or could recommend where i could get my hands on good notes , please any help will be greatly appreciated :)

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      Stephanie K

      The less stress more success is a very good book, I think it is anyways.

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      Revise Wise

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      Discount code (12.5%) for amazing LC notes


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      Stephanie K

      Rapid revision is excellent @mcclave they dint even have home Ec notes and by the way I think that you are biased abut the notes! They are not amazing! The are missing a lot of vital information would not recommend buying the notes! Will email them to ye myself for free to show you how bad and not worth the money they are.- my opinion for what it is worth 😀

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      Yep Rapid Revision is great and Revise Wise as well for Home Ec. At least we know never to trust online A1 notes again.

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      Stephanie K

      Definitely not!! They are really bad!! They are missing so much info!!

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      the less stress book is really good, i noticed that a lot of my teachers notes are from the less stress book as well!

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