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    Swamped shrandrews7

    hey guys :)

    So i really like home ec and im looking to get the H1 on it for the leaving but studying can be such a pain because there is just so much info to take in and i get so overwhlemed espcially when trying to balance studying for home ec and all my other subject

    i would really appriciate any tips anyone has to offer

    Thanks :)

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      I know this doesn't work for everyone, but maybe create a timetable to ensure you study equally for all subjects? (but of course making sure to leave extra time for difficult subjects). A great way to summarise is to create a mind map, as a visual learner I find them very easy to remember in an exam, but again, they don't work for everyone. I hope this helps and good luck! :)

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      Thank you so much i'll definitely give it a try :)

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      I am in the same position and getting to know the exam papers really helps! Q5 in the long questions is always a social studies question which can only come from 3 chapters (ch 17,18 or 19) so knowing them 3 really well will guarantee you doing well in that question. Also all the short questions are either based on food or resource management. There is a huge amount of information you don't need to know in the book so if you get a revision book that will help you eliminate the waffle.

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      Reading the following blog might give you some tips and help with study:


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