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1916/Refugees/Paris Attacks/Floods
sbrady98 Leaving Cert Irish — 19/05/16 23

Really stuck for notes/sample essays on these topics, if anyone could help me out I'd really appreciate it! I have A1 essays done on more general topics so likewise, if anyone wants help just let me know

rebecca2507 — 04/05/16
I have 1916 and refugees if that helps? What could u swap?
StudyIsMyLief — 05/05/16
I have extensive knowkledge of WW2 and the vietnam war
Katiexx — 05/05/16
Could someone pls send me 1916 , refugees , homelessness/poverty in Ireland pls ?
rebecca2507 — 05/05/16
Okay can you both give me your facebook and I'll send u a pic?
Katiexx — 05/05/16
Email is katiereynolds18@gmail.com .... You prob won't find me on fb!
Thomas.dorian — 05/05/16
Rebecca could i swap the refugee crises one takes a with ya
Collinserica97 — 05/05/16
Can anyone please tell me if I've 1916 , poverty terrorism , future of Ireland and sport studied will I be sorted for paper 1 ?
Niamh_7170 — 06/05/16
would I be able to get notes on 1916 and refugees? Urgently in need of essay notes
islander15 — 06/05/16
Could I get a 1916 and Refugees. I have homelessness, terrorism and many more
Fergal_6365 — 06/05/16
Could someone send me on any essays on 1916/Floods/Refugees? I'd really appreciate it.
halfaglassfull — 07/05/16
Could i have essay notes on the floods, poverty and refuges please? i'd be so thankful!
orlameehan — 08/05/16
Could someone email me essays on poverty, 1916, homelessness please?
Ross_4845 — 09/05/16
could yous send them on to me please. im desperately stuck for notes. Rossward1998@gmail.com
niamh.watters.1 — 12/05/16
Could you send me these essays please and also the ones on refuges, floods and 1916. Very stuck for these at the minute I appreciate it . @10niamhwatters@stlouisdundalk.ie
caoimhe13 — 12/05/16
Could you also send them to me please it would be so great x @caoimhelon97@yahoo.ie
Castlebar1997 — 12/05/16
do you think if you learn bochtannas, seandaoine and timpeallacht and leave out 1916 and refugees you would be safe??
lcstudent — 12/05/16
whats poems/stories are you guys learning? can i leave any out?
Tree-na_3015 — 13/05/16
Hi guys could you please send them onto me. I've only decided to go back a month ago to do my Irish LC exam again- so extremely stuck. If you wouldn't mind sending it on to trionaconroy@hotmail.com
sbrady98 — 16/05/16
irishstudysite.com has brilliant notes on terrorism/Paris attacks and 1916, if anyone has an essay or notes on refugees/immigration that they could send on to me please do! sarahbrady998@gmail.com
ciara252 — 18/05/16
If anyone has an essay/notes on 1916, refugees and terrorism attacks ? my email is cici.casserly@gmail.com really appreciate it
James_5559 — 19/05/16
Can you please send ones on 1916 and refugees to jamesadamson1@eircom.net. Cheers appreciated
lcstudent — 19/05/16
did anyone actually get this essay?
BorrisM8 — 19/05/16
M8 forget bout it sure its only an exam
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