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2017 poem
meabh17 Leaving Cert Irish — 06/11/16 2

Has the same poem ever come up twice like year after year? I know An tEarrach Thiar came up last year any chance it would be there again in 2017?

Meabh04 — 09/10/16
Yeah I think the Irish paper tends to be pretty unpredictable
studybuddy15 — 06/11/16
2016 - An tEarrach Thiar 2015 - Colscaradh 2014 - An Spailpín Fánach 2013 - Mo Ghrá-sa (idir lúibíní) 2012 - An tEarrach Thiar Meabh04 is right that its pretty unpredictable so its pointless in risking it but Géibheann hasn't come up yet and I don't think they would do the same poem two years in a row.
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