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    2017 Sraith pictures Stephanie K

    Hey anyone know of a good website or does anyone have the sraith with notes. I have 7 done put want o get as many as possible done!! Thanks

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      I have notes for 1,2,8,10 and 16. Do you want any of these?

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      Stephanie K

      Please would really appreciate it!

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      Stephanie K

      All small letters for my email, sos, don't know does it make a difference thanks a million

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      hiya, could you please send me your notes on them sraith please? thanks so much!

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      I have them all up to 12 (I'll have them all by the end of the year) if you still need notes

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      Stephanie K

      @aisling1998 would h mind emailing them to me please thanks very much


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      edco have them all online with individual notes for each one i find them very good

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      Stephanie K, it says your email does not exist when I tried to send them

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      Stephanie K

      U can try my other one thanks

      Thanks very much, really appreciate it

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      Stephanie K

      Sorry was just looking back at the first email address I gave u

      I made a typo sorry about that

      It was meant to be

      Thanks very much Aisling

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      I sent them again, Hopefully they sent properly!

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      Stephanie K

      Thank you very much Aisling

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      No bother!

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