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    A thig na thit orm lena23

    Any one have any idea what happens in this or what they could ask us on it ?? 😞😞😞

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      he basically describes parts of his life like music, primary and secondary school, summers and other stuff.. they could ask about anything like that i think? :)

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      I have three good sample answers on this that relate to his school life, his life at home and the things he enjoyed and if you learn all three then you should be covered for any question that comes up on it. I can email them to you if you'd like? :)

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      Yes please 😊 thank you

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      They are currently in my locker so it will be tomorrow evening after school when I email you. I won't forget!! :)

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      Thank you 😊

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      could you PLEASE send me these anwers also am returning to do irish after 20 years to try and become primary school teacher and im a bit lost..THANKU!!

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      Our school was closed last Thursday and Friday so I didn't get a chance to get the three answers but I will get them Monday and send them on that night :) Nicola, what's your email?

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      oh wow thankyou so much email is

      really appreciate

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      can you please send them to me too thank you

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      Go onto my profile Katy and there's a topic about three sample answers. The links to all 3 are in that, just simply click them and download :)

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      could ask relationship with family aswell!

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      Thank You

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