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    Higher level irish- Geibheann and An Gnathrud. Sarah_ludgate

    Does any one have any good accounts on the different things we need so study for these. e.g themes, metaphors, symbols, comparisons (geibheann) it would be a great help. I really need more help with an Gnathrud if anything.

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      If you're going to use it it needs to be edited such Sarah struggling to put the children to sleep/

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      I can edit it thank you :)

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      Did you edit it because if you didn't then I can type it for you

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      this site isn`t`bad!page3/cee5

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      Hey guys do any of you know where I can get good notes for An t-Earrach Thiar?

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      I have notes on both typed up , if you want me to email them to you ?

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      Yeah that would be great! Will you send me any notes you have on pros/poetry please, really would appreciate it:) my email is

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      Hey guys, I'm just wondering if I can get good notes on an gnathrud anywhere?! I have a test on Tuesday on paper ii and gnathrud is coming up and I've nothing prepared!! So if any of ye can help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. :)

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      Hi can you send me on notes to any poem or proses please :) im realy stuck.

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      Hi can you please send me notes on an gnathrud and an t-earrach thiar :) thank you!!

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      Shauna Maguire

      Hi can you send me notes on poems or prose too please? My email is thank you :)

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      Gaelcharraig.Com for Irish notes on prose and poetry :)

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      Does anyone have the pictures of the sraith pictuirs? Im after losing my notes if anyone had them it would be a big help! :)

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      @supermattdude, could you email me those too please? Would really appreciate the help! :-)

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      Really need an gnathrud notes!!!

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      What is gnathrud? Is it a pros like Dís or Hurlamaboc? I've seen it mentioned in quite a few posts but haven't a clue what it is!! Would really appreciate if somebody could tell me, thanks :)

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      @supermattdude will you please send me on those notes too i need them badly! scolclough14@gmail,com

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      gnathrud is so hard and its awful to try learn..notes anyone...

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      supermattdude can u email them to me too please! or share them here !

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      can you plz send them to me aswell thank you.

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      dddddd could you please send those notes to that, thanks

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      @supermattdude hey could you send me your gnathrud and geibhean notes please if you wouldn't mind!

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      Hey could someone send me the Gnathrud notes? I'd really appreciate it! :D Email;

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      Could someone send me the notes as well please? My email is

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      Could anyone email me notes for Hurlamaboc? Really stuck for them.

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      can you please send them to me at THANKS A LOT .

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      Anyone know what the An Triail question was in the mocks

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      guys i have the examcraft for irish if u want it just email me just saying a friend just sent it to me even though i dont do it my email is its paper 2 just saying

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      Emma white

      Just wandering is sport hurlamboc and geibhan on both mock papers??

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      guys i have both paper 2 irish hl email me at

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      For deb hurlamboc is coming up question on lisin

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      Is that deb HL or OL for paper two

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      Emma white

      Is paper with " tabachti an sport" as essay, is that deb or exam craft??

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      @jamie_8170 Its HL PAPER 2

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      @EmmaWhite on deb

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      @EmmaWhite on deb

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      @EmmaWhite on deb

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      can u send me as well my email is

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