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    Urgent Must read cashmash

    could someone tell me how many marks go for the tape like percentage?????

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      HI Cashmash, The LC tape test is worth 60 marks out of 600 which is 10%.

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      but is it not 360 in total 160 for paper one and then 200 for paper 2

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      Butler Ryan

      its 10% :)

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      The remaining marks are for the oral exam

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      :D i cant believe tht i just found i missed my mock tape test today :(((((((((((( so i miss ten percent

      thanks for the help :D

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      One more thing :):)

      I dont get how much you have to write on the ceisteanna 3 in paper 2 on the filiocht. they divided the questions in parts. do i have write an A4 pages for each part or just half a page for each part

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