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Aiste P1
Sophiecolvin Leaving Cert Irish — 12/06/16 17

I've learned an essay based on daoine oga including drugai/alcol, strus na hardteiste and mean chumarsaide.. do you think this is enough to answer an essay on young people? Is it likely that a young person essay will come up?

Maisiep02 — 11/06/16
have you learned any other essays?
Sophiecolvin — 11/06/16
Not yet no! I know a lot of people are saying 1916 etc is topical but I have no notes or anything! Is there anything else in particular I should learn?? Thank you :)
Maisiep02 — 11/06/16
i am the same as yourself, and im not sure what else to learn? are you just gonna learn a 1916 essay? i dont have one either :O
jamier98 — 11/06/16
sport + 1916
KP1234 — 11/06/16
I only know Coras oideachas,fadhbanna soisialta like drugai Alcol and coirulacht a bit of mean chumharsaide I think that'll be enough cause usually you can bend the question to answer it on whatever you want it's only 20 marks for topic and 80 for gaeilge, and there's no way I'm learning 1916 cause apparently it'd come up as a diospoireacht as in if it was a success or a failure
aspiringteaher — 11/06/16
When you say that there is 80 marks for Irish, will you get the full 80 marks even if you don't write anything relevant to the title but write a word perfect essay?
Sophiecolvin — 11/06/16
@Maisiep02 I think it'd be far too difficult to learn if I'm honest! Not the best at Irish haha @KP1234 : I've seen a lot of predictions for "Seandaoine" and I was thinking of maybe learning a paragraph on them but then twisting it to young people? Would that be okay or would I lose a lot of purpose marks?
katelynkelly_ — 11/06/16
@aspiringteaher my teacher said that if what you write isn't relevant to the title, the examiner puts a line through your entire essay and writes it's irrelevant, therefore you'll get 0..��
alexob97 — 11/06/16
you're going to fail hahahaahaha
Sophiecolvin — 11/06/16
Well do you have any suggestions on what other essays to learn?
niamhx98x — 11/06/16
If you get 15/20 for purpose you're max marks are 65/80 for Irish so don't trail off too much
Sophiecolvin — 11/06/16
Thanks Niamh! Is there any other essays I should focus on?
christine61998 — 12/06/16
I'm only learning Daoine oga, sport and 1916! Think you'll be covered with those
Conor_Grealy — 12/06/16
Can someone send me an essay on Sport please!! grealyc15@gmail.com
Soracha — 12/06/16
Would I be covered with just daoine gan didean and Daoine oga
Ms.Grehan — 12/06/16
@soracha there is usual a general one where you can throw everything in so yes!
exam — 12/06/16
How do ye think they'll ask 1916 if they do. I only have a shirt essay on whether we should celebrate it and I don't know how anybody could write 5 pages on something so history based
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