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An Triail!!!! helpp
lcstudent Leaving Cert Irish — 19/05/16 5

Anyone have any predictions from their teacher about what the question might be on? Or what i should study cause i honestly dont know where to start.

O'Regan97 — 16/05/16
I've no idea, but just begin with the basics, learn about the main characters, Máire, Padraig Mailí and the mother, then study themes, main plot, sub plot! Hope this helps!
lcstudent — 16/05/16
what about techniques and all that, im freaking out there so much
O'Regan97 — 17/05/16
Hmm yeah them too, just go over the exam papers, study the questions asked
emerv — 19/05/16
Maili, Maire and the theme fimineach? they haven't came up in a while.
BorrisM8 — 19/05/16
Just give up m8 tis onlee an exam
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