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    An Trial and Pros islander15

    Does anybody think that techniques may come up for an Triail, we were given a sample answer but I legit could not be bothered to learn it. Predictions anyone?

    For the Pros and poems, is it ok to just cover 3 of each and leave out those that came up in 2015 and 14. Would really appreciate feedback :)

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      techniques hasnt come up since 2010 and before that 2006 so theres a big chance, I would study it ! Yeah thats loads for pros and poems you're sorted with that :)

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      Really??? :( My teacher said there was a very slim chance of techniques coming up and if it did, it would be answered terribly by the whole country!! What about minor characters or scannal na heireann? Thanks for your feedback

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      If Gnáthrud and géibheann come up it'll most likely be the techniques ! I honestly don't know my teacher said that and she's also doing sochai and good characters but not in too much depth !

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