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    An Trial dramatic techniques mazzagirl24

    If a question was to come up on the use of dramatic techniques, how many would we be expected to write about? Obviously some are more important than others...

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      I've done iardhearcadh, teach na cúirte, croscheistiúchan and then the lack of development of the characters in case they ask about strengths/ weaknesses of the play (you can use the dramatic techniques as the strengths)

      If I include all 3 techniques it should make up about 2- 2.5 pages including intros and all that

      Don't know if that helps!

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      Can you send me on those answers, we never covered dramatic techniques??

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      Is techniques due to come up?

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      I think I got most of my notes on that from studyclix

      I'll try see if I can get a link but if you go into the An Triail section for Irish it should be there! 😊

      No idea if it's due up though, it been characters the past 3 years so maybe?

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      Thank you :)

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