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Are these irish essays enough??!
Fjfj Leaving Cert Irish — 05/06/16 4

I have learnt young people, homelessness and obesity. Is this enough to cover me? i might learn sport and possibly terrorism

HontheLC — 04/06/16
Something related to 1916 could come up
Lukesmiiithy — 04/06/16
If they go into good detail, about 4 or 5 pages each, I'd say so
Shauna_3688 — 04/06/16
For young people you could talk about social problems and bullying and pressure from school etc For homelessness you could talk about poverty and how the government isnt doing much about it Obesity would obviously be related to things like unhealthy eating and lack of excercise, i dont know if it would come up there isnt a lot to say about it.. Id say you should learn something about 1916 , terrorism, poverty homelessness and refugees to make sure you have the topical things covered
Caoimhìn_9794 — 05/06/16
Anyone send me something on Daoine oga please? Kevmolloy1@hotmail.com
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