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    Can someone help me for OL jackm1997

    I am really bad at Irish I can barely string a sentence together, does anyone have an essay I could just learn off for paper 1?

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      Did you study sraith pictuiri for the oral??

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      Nope did terribly on that aswell

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      Well if you google sample opening and closing paragraphs for the essay, learn them off work perfect, then thats a good few marks.. even if its shite youre writing and you dont think it makes sense still write it because you will get marks.. You'd have to be really bad to fail OL

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      Im writing about a car crash no matter what comes up just learn a simple story

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      Any chance you could send me the story?

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      If you still have the sraith pictures written out I'd suggest reading back over them because tbh I say they will help or if you have the less stress more success book learn the stories out of that :)

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      if you can learn tine (fire), timpiste (accident) and an gadai (robber) you should be grand :)

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