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    Dropping to OL - Anything I need to be aware of? Any predictions? [Help] williamnolan97

    I'm dropping to OL last minute, would appreciate any pointers anyone can give me, such as predictions your teachers have made for pros and poetry, any useful phrases for the composing sections, etc.

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      For the Sceal if you're given this sentence for example 'D'feach me ar m'fhon poca, leigh me an teacs o mo chara, nior chreid me mo shuile...' that has to be the very first line of your story! you could then go on and say nios luaithe an la sin. But once you see '...' after the sentence you are given that has to be your opening sentence i didn't know that going into the mocks and i got crucified when it was marked! Best of luck lad

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      Thanks, I appreciate that!

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      Learn tine, timpiste and an gadai for letter and you should be fine,

      learn phrases for letters

      i'd say oisin and hurlamaboc WILL NOT come up this year, so learn other 3 (aiste, characters, themes)

      learn all the poetry if you can

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