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    Essay Title - Terrorism anonymous1234

    Is sceimhlitheoireacht likely to come up? I have an essay learn off that is 6 pages, is that too long????

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      not long enough kid

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      you have 2 hours to write it. its up to you

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      The more you write, the more mistakes you make. Eighty percent is for grammar. Also remember the examiner will have to read it all and that's before he has to go do your paper two.

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      6 pages is way too long and would be well over the 500-600 words

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      Thanks a million for your help

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      5 pages is standard, despite what people say there are people in the country from Gaeltacht regions writing 7

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      5 pages is madness still, the institute said 2 1/2 to 3 is perfect

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      That's my problem, living in the Gaeltacht and I am very fluent in Irish so didn't know standard.


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      Gaelscoils are told minimum of 5 pages, hope this helps! I think people keep the essay short if they know they are going to make mistakes with the language

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      Thanks for all the help:-) I did the sceimhliteorieacht essay but I blanked after 3 pages so I finished that one off and I done the one about daoine óga then. I had plenty of time. Just to get a lecture from my teacher after the exam for messing up the sceimhliteorieacht!!!

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