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Essay titles
by LauraB1234 Leaving Cert Irish — 01/06/16 4

So I've learnt: Daoine Óga, seandaoine in Éirinn, eireannachas, na cluichí oilimpeacha, spóirt in Éirinn and sceimlitheoireacht. Should I be okay?

paulfarren — 31/05/16
Youll be fine id say
Ais.D — 31/05/16
I'd say learn Bochtanas as well and add a paragraph about refugees and immigration as well
cbyrne98 — 01/06/16
Be prepared for fadhbanna i spórt
siobhan.reynolds.16 — 01/06/16
Coras slainte & Todhchaí na Gaeilge
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