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    essays help!! jodiehyland

    how do i do these?

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      How do you do what? Essays in general?

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      My advice is to create general beginnings/endings and solutions that are apply to most problems and then try to pick a few reoccurring topics in the papers and prepare some essay bodies...

      Hope that helps.

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      Have an introduction stating whether you agree or disagree with the topic and have a few general sentences that you can put in to that like "tà an àbhar sin phlèite agus athphlèite ag iriseoirì na blianta beaga anuas"

      Use the reasons why you agree or disagree from your introduction as the basis for your paragraphs.

      have a reìteach, or soloution, where you say what you'd do in the future in regard to this topic (use the modh coinniolach here)

      Have a conclusion where you round up your points and reafirm your view.

      Finish off with a seanfhocal. There more seanfhocail you use throughout the essay the better, as long as they're relevant.

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