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    Géarchéim na dTeifigh (Refugee Crisis) EmDig

    Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone have any simple sentences or phrases for the refugee crisis? I have an essay on Terrorism learnt which I can fit into a refugee crisis aiste but have no notes on the refugee crisis. If anyone has anything that they could send my way, I would really appreciate it! My email is go raibh míle maith agat agus go n-éirí an t-ádh libh! :)

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      I sent you notes a minute ago:) how likely is it to come up?

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      Thank you so so much for those notes, they're perfect! I've heard a few people saying it might come up as it's been in the news so much over the last year and I know some of the aiste titles are based on topics that are in the news or have been in the news recently so I'd say there is a good chance of it being one of the aiste titles or one of the díospóireachts! Best of luck tomorrow, I hope your topics come up! :)

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      Thank you and good luck! :)

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      Go raibh míle maith agat! :)

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      If there is anyway one of ye could send me on those notes on the refugee crisis it would be appreciated so much. I have heard it Is one of the most predicted and unfortunately I only have ne paragraph on it !! My email is,

      thank you!

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      Is there any chance you could send me on notes for it also I'd really appreciate it, 👏🏼

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      Hi would be so much appreciated if you could send me these notes too it would be literally appreciated so so much thank you!!

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      Hi, I'm also in bad need of refugee crisis notes!! If you could send them to my email , I would be very grateful, thanks!!

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      Hi, I too am in dire need of a refugee essay, would you please send it on to ? Thanks, would really appreciate it.

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      Lorna O' Neill

      Hey, could you please send me on the refugee notes too please? Thanks 💞

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      I'd really appreciate it if you send the notes to me as well! Thanks

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      Can someone please send me them id really appreciate it! Thank you

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      Lisa Dolan

      Could someone please send these notes, thanks a million :)

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      Could someone send me these notes also? Be really appreciated

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      could someone send me notes too greatly appreciate it

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      Jordan Reynolds

      Can I have those notes too? Thanks a mil!

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      Could someone please send me notes aswell on the refugee crisis, , Thanks

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      coul i please have these notes too if anyone has them :)

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      Me too please 🙈🙈🙈

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      Me too please!!

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      me too please if thats okay !!

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      Adams99 please!

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      Ben37 would be greatly appreciated lads

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      if anyone has the notes it'd be greatly appreciated !!

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      If anyone could send the notes on to it would be greatly appreciated

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      Could you please send them to me as well , thank you!

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      Could I get them aswell? thank you

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      Could somebody send them to me too, please and thanks

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      Could somebody send them to me aswell please

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      could you please send me the notes too?

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      Me too please!

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      If anyone has notes on the refugees or brexit please send them to me.. Thanks ..

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      Can someone please send me the notes

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      Who wants to be my hero and send them to ...many thanks!

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      Could I have a copy too? Thanks!

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      Hey could I get a copy of these notes too please😊

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      Hello I also really need notes on this topic would be so grateful if anybody could help out, my email is thanks xx💖

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