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Geibheann and Gnathrud
HontheLC Leaving Cert Irish — 08/06/16 11

Isnt it very obvious looking that Geibheann and Gnathrud would come up? Im worried they might put on a different poem or pros to catch everyone out. Does anyone have any ideas?

Lukesmiiithy — 04/06/16
one of géibheann or gnáthrud will come up, not both, according to the chief examiner!
HontheLC — 04/06/16
Thats brilliant Luke thanks! Do you have any idea?
Lukesmiiithy — 04/06/16
Well I'm banking on gnáthrud, I just have some feeling! Then I'm revising the poems mo ghrá sa, an tearrach thiar, an spailpín fánach and géibheann, just in case. I'm willing to lose the 5% if it is géibheann that comes up, because learning all the pros is so time consuming
HontheLC — 04/06/16
For the amount of time that goes into them, theyre not worth much marks wise! Im just going to focus more on paper 1 essays now (100 marks over 30+30 for studied) ..
Lukesmiiithy — 04/06/16
You're just right! Good luck!
ryanoc1999 — 04/06/16
Are you doing Higher or ordinary?
Caoimhìn_9794 — 05/06/16
Where is this stated?
Lukesmiiithy — 06/06/16
Higher, it was stated at a conference for Irish examiners.
HopperHead — 06/06/16
Lukesmiiithy Just wondering, how do you know this information?
KIRSTINC1998 — 06/06/16
Wouldn't it be lovely if an tearrach thiar came up ������
nneeButler — 08/06/16
@lukesmiiithy Hope you are right!! ��
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