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    Good Tips for Tape in Irish! niki1819

    Any helpful tips on how to do well in the tape in Irish?!

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      Im doing OL but:

      - Highlight or underline KEY WORDS that you understand in the question/s.

      - Listen out for those KEY WORDS that you highlighted/underlined.

      - Ensure that you have answered the question fully from the tape and make note of any sentences that might be relevant to the question being asked.

      - DON'T PANIC!

      Hope I Helped :) Good Luck!!!

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      Thank you !

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      Also if you put down two answers and only one is right you get no marks!! Don't know if it's the same for ordinary lever but that's the case for higher anyway!

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      What our teacher recommends is to just write down a key word for each answer while listening rather than the whole sentence. This way you dont miss questions.

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