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    Got a C in Irish in JC how to get A in LC hiqbal

    I got a C in Irish in the Junior Cert. I went to a primary school that barely taught Irish and were of a really bad standard only in Irish. Anybody who came from my primary school to my secondary school didn't know any Irish and we were all amazed by how much Irish the others knew.

    I put some effort and I got a C. My Irish is really bad can't even understand the questions.

    I'm willing to put the effort to get an A in the Leaving Cert even at least a B. Can someone help me on how i should do this with my current poor irish. Irish is the only subject I'm poor at. In French I am one of the best. Shows you that it was because of my bad primary school

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      I got a C in the junior cert too and did Irish grinds every week in fifth year and managed to get a B in my summer exam... If grinds are too expensive to do every week maybe just do them to help you prepare for the oral? And then do exam questions on the topics you're doing in class and ask your teacher to correct them for you

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      Hi :)

      Try reading this:

      Hope it helps.


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