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    Has anyone got predictions for 2017 LC RachelEnglish

    So basically I didn't lift a finger in fifth year and now need to start working but would be so appreciative if anybody would have any ideas what they think may come up? Especially higher level Irish!

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      I don't have predictions but have great notes and I'm giving grinds in Dublin in physics, chemistry and maths if you're interested? I did my Leaving Cert this year!

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      @lukebrn could you please email me your Irish and maths notes would really appreciate it!!

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      I only have maths and I charge €20 for the full set of maths notes!

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      The best advice would be. Start studying now and turn a deaf ear to any predictions.

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      mary o d

      Sceal: Gnathrud

      Dan: Geibhinn/ both expected this year / defo one of them should appear in 2017!

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      I have notes at €12 per subject ..

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      Probably Geibheann but not necessarily Gnathrud. There have been some issues regarding that story and events in the North, I wouldn't know the details. But then... it was expected last year and didn't come up, they can't keep delaying it forever.... Hurlamboc could as well come up. I'd go for a 50:50 between Gnathrud and Hurlamboc.

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